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You can read Lisa's column in The Spokesman-Review on how she'll protect our democratic institutions, and put the Constitution and the laws of the U.S. over either political party. 

You can also read Lisa's column in The Spokesman-Review on special interests and why voters have lost trust in Congress, and what Lisa will do to put an end to dark money, in addition to Lisa's column on tariffs and trade policies that hurt eastern Washington farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers, and how she'll put their priorities first in Congress.

Contact us at [email protected] to share your thoughts and priorities. Check back here as we continue to add policy statements. As your representative in Congress, here's what Lisa will work for:

  • Affordable and comprehensive universal health care, expanding Medicare, protecting children’s health and lowering prescription drug prices.
  • An economy that works for all of us, increase family wage jobs, invest in infrastructure and education, and support important regional economic sectors including aerospace, agriculture, and health sciences.
  • Affordable higher education and student loan debt refinancing and relief. (Statement on student debt relief)
  • Protect and strengthen earned benefits such as Medicare and Social Security, ensuring people can retire with dignity.
  • Protect and advance human rights, including racial justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQ, and immigrant and refugee rights.
  • Ensure our national security and support active service members, their families, and veterans.
  • Ensure strong environmental protections, support clean water, healthy forests, incentives for solar and wind power, and back partnerships regionally and abroad to address impacts of climate change.
  • Electoral and campaign finance reform to end voter suppression and dark money politics and bring about transparency and Electoral College reform.
  • Reinstate Net Neutrality and ensure strong consumer protections for Internet users. (Full statement)
  • Protect voter-approved marijuana legalization and shield the industry from federal interference.
  • Protect and strengthen community and family safety and support research-based reforms in criminal justice, with a focus on racial disparities and alternative sentencing in non-violent cases.
  • Statement on Florida shooting
  • Statement on gun violence and school safety

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