RELEASE: In Debate, Lisa Brown Refers to Need for Action on Trade, and Criticizes Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ Votes On Healthcare and Violence Against Women

Lisa Brown Campaign     Thursday, October 25, 2018

Rep. McMorris Rodgers misrepresents her record; Lisa Brown calls for change in leadership.

SPOKANE -- In the fourth and final debate of the campaign season, 5th District candidate for Congress Lisa Brown presented residents of eastern Washington with a choice: an independent, effective advocate who will take on what really matters to them, versus a representative who distorts her record and votes with her party 97.8 percent of the time.

Throughout the debate, Rep. McMorris Rodgers mischaracterized her votes. She stated she was offended by allegations that she has not and will not protect people with pre-existing conditions. Yet, Rep. McMorris Rodgers has voted dozens of times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the only legislation to protect people with pre-existing conditions at the national level. Additionally, she voted for the AHCA, Paul Ryan’s healthcare proposal, which would have raised premiums for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Brown pointed out that despite her party having the majority, McMorris Rodgers is a leader in a dysfunctional Congress jammed up by special interests and partisanship, leaving DC with a huge national deficit and no progress on important issues.

“We have no Farm Bill, no bill addressing comprehensive immigration reform or the cost of prescription drugs.," said Brown. "Working in a bipartisan way means bringing forward bills from both sides.”

In fact, farm income is at a 14 year low, noted Brown. She noted the lack of representation on the House Agriculture Committee from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana - by a Democrat or Republican, noting she will seek a seat on the committee so that eastern Washington farmers have a voice in agriculture policy. Brown said she will stand up to the administration when it proposes tariff and trade policies that hurt eastern Washington farmers.

Brown called for national leadership on climate change while Rep. McMorris Rodgers falsely stated that  the Trump administration wasn’t rolling back environmental protections.

A clear contrast was evident in the candidates’ views on issues that affect women. Brown supports reproductive choice, equal pay legislation,  and reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. McMorris Rodgers does not. She proposed a bill to weaken protections for Native American Women in the 2013 Violence Against Women Act. She also voted to repeal the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces rule, which protected federal workers from sexual harassment

“We need women leaders who stand up for women’s rights,” said Brown.

Brown made a strong statement of support for full civil rights for LGBTQ citizens and McMorris Rodgers said she did not believe in marriage equality.

Regarding DACA, McMorris painted herself as a supporter --pointing to bills she “negotiated.”

“My question is when?” said Brown. “Bring the bill forward. It will pass”.

Brown closed the debate with a powerful call to action.

“I think this election is more than just about me and Rep. McMorris Rodgers,” said Brown. “People are disappointed by a Congress that is paralyzed by partisanship and special interests. If elected, I'll live in the district, and I'll work on your behalf: For your education, your livelihoods, and your healthcare.”


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