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Affordable and Comprehensive Healthcare
The cost of healthcare and prescription drugs is too high and Congress isn’t doing anything about it. In the state Legislature, I strengthened the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), expanded mental health services, voted to protect people with pre-existing health conditions, passed legislation to help people pay for prescription drugs, and led efforts to expand health care coverage for women -- creating the breast and cervical cancer screening program. In Congress, I will stand up to pharmaceutical and insurance companies, work to lower prescription drug costs, fight policies that deny people with pre-existing conditions health coverage, fight against attacks on women’s health and access to birth control, basic healthcare, and the right to choose -- creating affordable health care for all. 

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Protect and Strengthen Social Security and Medicare
Medicare and Social Security are commitments we’ve made to retirees and seniors. In Congress, I will make sure we keep these promises.  I will fight against cuts to Medicare and Social Security, work to protect and strengthen these programs, ensuring all Americans can retire with dignity.
Affordable Higher Education
I was the first in my family to attend college, and I used Pell Grants and loans to get through undergraduate and graduate school. It wasn’t easy back then, but it’s harder now. Federal Pell Grants have not kept pace with the cost of college, forcing students to take on more debt as they pursue their dreams. I witnessed this firsthand as a teacher at Eastern Washington University and Gonzaga University , and as chancellor at Washington State University Spokane. In the state Legislature, I led efforts to increase Pell Grants, helped establish the College Bound Program, and provided tuition assistance for military members and their families. In Congress, one of my top priorities will be addressing the student loan crisis and providing relief for college students. 

Economy and Infrastructure 
As an economist, I enjoy talking about my beliefs in balanced budgeting, and investing “upstream” in early education and in prevention and treatment of addiction in order to save money down the road in remedial education and criminal justice. I’ve led on balanced operating budgets in Olympia, made tough decisions to cut spending during recessions, and worked to successfully create bipartisan transportation and construction budgets that have delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of projects and thousands of jobs to this region.
In Congress, I'll work to bring an infrastructure package to our region, a promise not fulfilled by current leadership. I'll also work to balance budgets and ensure we keep our commitments to seniors across the country by protecting Social Security and Medicare. 

End Citizens United
One reason Congress is dysfunctional is the dark money that flows to its members, creating a pay-to-play system.  I’m running for Congress to change that, and am proposing actions – not just words – to actually restore trust and transparency in government. That’s why unlike my opponent, I have pledged not to accept contributions from corporate PACs.  In Congress, I will work to pass the DISCLOSE Act and overturn the Citizens United decision to end the influence of dark money in politics.

Our Veterans Deserve Better
My grandfather, father, brother, and husband all served in the Navy or the Army. I was brought up to understand what it means to serve your country. That’s why I won’t take a back seat to anyone when it comes to protecting veterans and giving them what they have earned in service to our country. In the state Legislature, I sponsored legislation that gave tuition assistance to members of the armed services and their families, secured funding for the eastern Washington Veterans Cemetery, and helped establish the Spokane Veterans Home. I oppose the privatization of the VA and will work to ensure veterans get the care they need.
An Economy That Works For All Of Us
I believe in an economy that works for everyone. While I served in the state Legislature, I worked across the aisle to bring economic investments to our region, including roads, bridges, water projects, and university buildings. I was the prime sponsor of critical statewide economic tools such as the Rainy Day fund constitutional amendment, the Strategic Economic Development Fund, and the Local Increment Financing Tool. I led investments in the creative economy including the renovation of the Fox Theater and Motion Picture Incentive Program- bringing thousands of film industry jobs to the region. In Congress, I will prioritize investments in education, training programs and infrastructure and work to support and advance the primary economic sectors in eastern Washington, including aerospace, agriculture, and health sciences. 
Equal Rights For Women
I have always been a strong advocate for equal rights for women. Since moving here in 1980 as a professor at EWU I’ve been involved with community groups advocating for women and families.  I helped organize the first “Take Back The Night” Rally in Spokane to bring awareness to victims of domestic violence and I currently serve on the YWCA board in Spokane, an organization that is dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence, racism, and empowering women. In the State Legislature I led the years-long fights for equal pay for women and paid family and medical leave in our state.

An Agricultural Voice in D.C.
I strongly oppose Trump’s trade war and tariffs on agricultural products that are devastating eastern Washington farmers. I will advocate for eastern Washington farmers and ranchers and ensure they have an effective voice in Congress and will seek a seat on the House Agriculture Committee, where currently no one from Washington, Idaho, Oregon or Montana serves.

Ensure Strong Environmental Protections
I believe in science and in using the best available research to make policy decisions. We can take measurable steps toward a clean-energy economy that both help the environment and create good-paying jobs. I support clean water, healthy forests, incentives for solar and wind power, and back partnerships regionally and abroad to address impacts of climate change.
Reinstate Net Neutrality
I believe in defending net neutrality and ensuring strong consumer protections for Internet users. In Congress I will work to reinstate net neutrality and expand broadband internet access across eastern Washington. 

Protect And Strengthen Community And Family Safety
I will protect and strengthen community and family safety and support research-based reforms in criminal justice, with a focus on racial disparities and alternative sentencing in non-violent cases. 

Protect And Advance Human Rights
I will protect and advance human rights, including racial justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQ+, and immigrant and refugee rights. I support and have called on Congress to pass a DREAM Act. 
Protect Voter Approved Marijuana Legalization
I support voter-approved legal marijuana, and don’t believe the federal government should interfere with laws that voters in states like Washington have approved, creating uncertainty for the industry. 

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