Guarantee Net Neutrality

I support Net Neutrality, keeping the Internet open and fair for people and businesses in Eastern Washington. I am against "paid prioritization," which is what Internet service providers could impose to tilt the field to big corporations. What if you had to pay every time you logged onto the Internet? What if broadband providers interfered with the flow of data? Net Neutrality rules prevented that, but the FCC just overturned those safeguards. The move was so unpopular that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cancelled an appearance at the biggest tech conference of the year, where he would've faced pointed questions.

The Internet should be like a public road: go where you want whenever you want. But with the repeal of Net Neutrality, we can be charged for using certain lanes - a dollar a day for YouTube and fee for Facebook. Big corporations would have no problem paying and turning our public lanes into their private lanes.

Rep. McMorris Rodgers says she wants an open Internet but she applauded the FCC rollback. She has not sponsored any House bills or signed onto existing legislation that would support Net Neutrality.

Learn more:
Seattle Times editorial: “Gutting Net Neutrality is a Giant Step Backward.”

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