ICYMI: Lisa Brown Fact Checks Rep. McMorris Rodgers and Outlines Priorities in First Debate

Lisa Brown Campaign     Thursday, September 20, 2018

SPOKANE -- In the first debate of the election season, 5th Congressional District candidate Lisa Brown demonstrated her commitment to putting eastern Washington residents first, addressing the current Congress’ shortcomings, 14-year Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ inability to pass meaningful legislation, and the congresswoman’s distortion of both her and Brown’s records.

“The question is --  are we solving problems?” asked Brown. “There hasn’t been any meaningful progress in healthcare by this Congress, and people know it.”

Brown checked Rep. McMorris Rodgers on the facts throughout the night. In a wide-ranging conversation that began with each candidate discussing how they’d address healthcare affordability, to covering veterans’ affairs, tariffs and trade, education, taxes, and Medicare and Social Security, Brown outlined the current situation for residents of the 5th District, while Rep. McMorris Rodgers delivered talking points that diverged from her actions in Congress.

Of note: Brown, whose husband is a Navy veteran and whose father is a veteran, emphasized her commitment to ensuring veterans have access to quality medical care. Meanwhile, Rep. McMorris Rodgers maintained she did not support privatizing the Veterans’ Administration, despite having pushed for the VA becoming a federally chartered organization in the private sector. She discussed taking care of the dozens of vets who call her office per week.  

“If we have dozens of vets calling your office per week, the system isn’t working,” said Brown. “Vets tell me their care and access has declined in the 14 years that Rep. McMorris Rodgers has been in Congress. Our veterans deserve better.”

The Truth Matters: Fact Checking Rep. McMorris Rodgers

  • Fact Check: Rep. McMorris Rodgers talked about the urgent care center reopening at the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center, but in reality the 24/7 emergency room service the center used to provide has not been restored.

    • Lisa Brown will work to make sure these services are available to veterans.

  • Fact Check: Rep. McMorris Rodgers said she’s committed to making healthcare more affordable, but her votes on the AHCA, Paul Ryan’s healthcare proposal, would have increased premiums.

    • Lisa will work to fix and strengthen the Affordable Care Act and lower premiums for the residents of eastern Washington.

  • Fact Check: Rep. McMorris Rodgers said she’ll protect Social Security and Medicare, despite votes that would have cut spending on Medicare and added work requirements to Medicaid, and statements in support of raising the age of eligibility for such benefits.

    • Lisa will keep these commitments.

  • Fact Check: Rep. McMorris Rodgers said she believed in transparency and eliminating dark money from elections, but she has blocked votes that would correct the situation.

    • Lisa took the No Corporate PAC pledge and will work to overturn Citizens United.

  • Fact Check: Rep. McMorris Rodgers says she’s focused on finding bipartisan solutions, but she’s consistently voted against bills that have bipartisan support, like the DREAM Act, which she’s voted eight times to block.

    • Lisa is committed to helping DREAMers, who this Congress is essentially putting in jeopardy because of the actions of their parents, and re-authorizing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. She’ll work across the aisle to get things done.  

The next debate will take place on Wednesday, October 17, hosted by Greater Spokane, Inc.


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