Lisa Brown Responds to Border Crisis, Calls on McMorris Rodgers to Lead

Lisa Brown Campaign     Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Children on our border are suffering and traumatized more each day.

There is no law requiring that these families are separated at the border. This policy being carried out is a direct result of the Trump administration’s announcement in April. It’s immoral and violates human rights.

Yesterday’s statement from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers fails children and families and gives in to the Trump administration’s tactics to get funding for a border wall by using these children as bargaining chips.

I am calling on Cathy McMorris Rodgers to join me, political leaders from John McCain to Laura Bush, and the majority of Americans in demanding the administration reverse this inhumane practice today.

Neither these kids nor our Dreamers should be used as a negotiating tool and their status and safety shouldn’t be traded for a border wall. Yes, Congress has failed to pass comprehensive immigrations reform for decades, and yes that is something that needs to be taken up in a bipartisan way.

But this crisis could end immediately. Republicans in Congressional leadership, including McMorris Rodgers, are complicit by making it clear that they are willing to bargain with these children’s lives.

She and other Congressional leaders need to stop capitulating to the administration and end the suffering of children immediately. Children traumatized by parental separation should not have to wait for Congress, and the people of eastern Washington shouldn’t have to wait this long for their representative in Congress to just do the right thing.

This doesn’t need bargaining or internal negotiations. Overturn the policy.

Photo by Kat Skye,, @katskyephoto
Photo by Kat Skye,, @katskyephoto


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