STATEMENT: Lisa Brown on Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination and Public Testimony

Lisa Brown     Friday, October 5, 2018

“Moving forward with Kavanaugh's nomination at this time is a disservice to our country. The nomination is for a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court, so the bar should be set high to ensure we are getting an honest and judicious person. Instead, the one day of public testimony clearly raised more questions than were answered. Furthermore, this process sends the wrong message to women and to victims of sexual assault. 

“Rep. McMorris Rodgers said Dr. Ford ‘deserved to be heard,’ but clearly she deserves more than that. Our president's mocking of Dr. Ford is reprehensible and unbecoming of his office. I believe it is important to speak out , regardless of party affiliation, when anyone is treated disrespectfully as Dr. Ford was by the President. I call for a fair and thorough investigation of her charges and those  of others who have come forward, before a vote is taken. If that does not occur, Judge Kavanaugh should not be confirmed.”


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